Friday, January 28, 2011

Transportation Noise Reference Book

Nelson, P. M. (1987). Transportation noise reference book. London: Butterworth.

REF TD 893.6 .T7 T73 1987
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This guide to the causes and effects of noise and vibration generation by the transportation industry was really more complete than I thought it would be at first glance. Along with the expected aspects of acoustic scales/ratings and the specific hows and whys of how noise is created by each method of transportation, it also covers the community and medical aspects of transportation noise, including the effects of noise on sleeping patterns.

This book also includes methods of controlling noise and vibration, pertinent legislation, and how to predict the level of noise for a given mode of transportation.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Historical Account of Tuberculosis in Alaska

Fortuine, R. (2005). "Must we all die?" Fairbanks, AK: University of Alaska Press.

CIRC RC313.A63F67 2005

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This well-researched book chronicles the origins, impact, and efforts to control tuberculosis in Alaska. Appendices include mortality and morbidity statistics through 2002, “a look at sanatorium life in Alaska,” a glossary, and a detailed timeline covering 400 AD to the year 2000. The extensive endnotes following each chapter function as access points for many of the primary source and other documents relevant to this topic. For a book so packed with facts and statistics, Must We All Die? is surprisingly easy to read. You don’t have to be researching tuberculosis to appreciate it.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Applying for Permanent Fund dividends and more with myAlaska

We've reached the form time of year, when visitors to the library are often looking for advice in applying for Permanent Fund Dividends (PFD) or tax refunds. While we at the Alaska State Library are not accountants and can't provide advice, we can point you to the forms and resources for help.

myAlaska is the State of Alaska's portal for e-government. You can complete many interactions with state agencies here, either as an individual or as a business, including reporting a vehicle accident, viewing child support payment financial statements, and managing your business's employment security tax.

If you're applying for the PFD, there are a few tips to keep in mind:

* Although anyone can apply online, there are some restrictions on who can use an electronic signature. In particular, if this is your first PFD, you'll need to print a signature page to submit.
* You can still choose to apply in paper. If you're in Juneau, you can pick up a form and envelope at the Alaska State Library on the 8th floor of the State Office Building. For other locations, see
* For more information about PFDs, to apply, or to check the status of your PFD, see the main page of the Permanent Fund at

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Merck Veterinary Manual

Siegmund, O. H., & Merck & Co. (1955). The Merck veterinary manual. Rahway, N.J: Merck and Co.

REF SF 748 .M47 2010
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We originally discussed the 1986 version of the Merck Veterinary Manual in our weekly librarians' meeting, but the horror of finding out that we had an edition that old caused us to quickly purchase the 2010 edition. While the older edition was useful for us, especially to the pet owning librarians when they were trying to remember a technical term during Pet-Anecdotes-Chat-Time, we did feel that the past 24 years had enough advances in veterinary medicine that some of the information would be invalid, especially the drug references.

Like previous versions, this book is organized by anatomic systems, such as circulation or digestion, in the first half and topics, such as behavior or pharmacology, in the last half. This new edition also has full color images for the first time.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

History of the Mines and Miners in the Juneau Gold Belt: A collection of stories about the mines, the miners, and their dreams

Redman, E. 1988. History of the mines and miners in the Juneau Gold Belt: A collection of stories about the mines, the miners, and their dreams. Juneau, AK: E. Redman.

Genealogy Ready Reference TN 413 .A6 R25 2009
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This history of mining in the Juneau Gold Belt area is told in an easy to read style. Earl Redman compiled this history through detailed research, looking through company records, newspaper articles, and personal accounts from people who worked in the mines.

Of particular interest are the Juneau area maps that have each of the locations of the mines noted, and the listings of how much each of the mines produced over the years.
This publication covers in detail the big three mines in the Juneau area; the Treadwell, Perseverance, and Alaska Juneau mines. In lesser detail the smaller mines in the area are also described.

The 2009 edition has the inclusion of many color photographs of the mines and their workers.

Monday, November 22, 2010

The Sword and the Shield: The Defense of Alaska Aboriginal Claims by the Alaska Native Brotherhood

Metcalfe, P., with Research Assistance by Ruddy, Kathy. 2010. The sword and the shield: The defense of Alaska aboriginal claims by the Alaska Native Brotherhood. Juneau, Alaska: Tlingit Readers, Inc.

E78.A3M382 2010.
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This paper describes Alaska Native involvement in the Alaska statehood movement, the effects of the movement on Alaska aboriginal claims, and the work of the Alaska Native Brotherhood (ANB) in defense of those claims. It includes succinct and readable legal analysis and presents the points of view of the people and groups involved in some of the most important events in Alaska’s history.

Sections include Aboriginal Claims in Alaska, Native Claims in the Early 20th Century, the ANB Prior to WWII, the Significance of (the) Tee-Hit-Ton and Tlingit and Haida (court cases), Reservations in Alaska, the Tribal Termination Movement of the Early 1950’s, Postwar Political Realities in Alaska, Statehood at the Sacrifice of Alaska Native Claims, the Issue that Would Not Go Away.

A glossary and note on terminology explain the meaning and significance of essential (and sometimes misunderstood) terms including, for example, “Alaska Native Land Claims” and “extinguishment.” An extensive Chronology of Events Relative to the Development of Alaska Native Law covers from 11,000 years before present to 1995. And check out the key to the photograph of the members of the 1929 ANB Grand Camp Convention in Haines – you can match member names with images on a photograph.

A slightly different version of this paper, titled The Alaska statehood experience grant: Alaska Native involvement in the Alaska statehood movement, is also available at the Alaska State Library.

The research and composition of the papers was supported by an Alaska Humanities Forum grant. The author notes the importance to the work of 30 boxes of documents compiled by Andrew Hope III before his death.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Fuel Economy Guide

REF TL 151.6 .G37 2009
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Looking to buy a car or curious where your car ranks in terms of fuel usage? This guide lists MPG for city and highway, annual fuel costs, and some miscellaneous information about the car. The online guide offers more information, such as your car's carbon foot print and the ability to compare cars, but it’s nice that they’re still producing a paper copy.